A Special News Report – George T. Lindsey

A Special News Report – George T. Lindsey

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of friend, associate, and genuine filmmaker, George T. Lindsey.

Mr. Lindsey was responsible, in conjunction with the production committee, for the selection and development of Feature film and television projects for WWMPC. He served with distinction on the company’s Board of Directors since 1981. His film and television career spanned over 40 years of literary and production film work. He was associated in the past with film production houses and television stations, including serving as an executive producer and director on the staff of NBC and its affiliate W.R.C.-TV and W.I.T.F. He was also the President of G.L. Productions Inc. and an award-winning documentarian, producing a wide variety of documentaries and docudramas throughout Europe, Africa, and South America. He worked with such legendary talent as Eli Wallach, Henry Fonda, Raymond Massey, Leonard Nimoy, Brock Peters and Lorne Green. Mr. Lindsey earned over 18 national film awards for film and television productions, including regional Emmy awards, local Emmy awards, the N.E.T. award for excellence in film production, and gold, silver and bronze medals in film production from the New York International Film Festival. He was a member of several professional organizations including the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc., and the Directors Guild of America.

Mr. Lindsey was one of the longest serving Board appointed operating officers of the corporation and will be deeply missed by his many colleagues at WWMPC.

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