Associate Vice President, Administration
Served since 1981

Mr. Patnoe’s tenure with the corporation began in 1981 as an administrative intern and was elevated to the position of Executive Assistant in 1987 in the areas of finance and administration. He currently holds the post of Associate Vice President, Administration, working as key liaison between senior officers of the corporation and members of the Board of Directors. His responsibilities also include monitoring and maintaining WWMPC’s Securities and Exchange Commission documentation, corporate due diligence data information, finance material information, and monitoring basic stockholder relations. He has worked closely with senior management of the company in the negotiations of co-financing production scenarios with domestic and foreign companies, consortiums, and independent financiers. Mr. Patnoe has also been associated with Motorola ISG as national accounts manager and McDonnell Douglas Corporation as a configuration management analyst and product definition specialist; both senior technical and analytical corporate administrative positions assuring quality control and infrastructure communications. He maintains a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Economics from California State University, Fullerton and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

tonymillerTONY MILLER
Associate Vice President, Post Production
Served since 1988

A veteran of the industry for over 30 years, Mr. Miller has worked on over 40 feature films and 50 television productions. Mr. Miller has edited over 30 films, including “The Last Man” and “Choosing Matthias.” He has also produced 10 features films, 180 television commercials, a variety of music videos, as well as directed and edited video press kits. Mr. Miller was in charge of production for the Southern California-based companies Cinamerica Satellite Network and The Professionals Group, supervising a variety of different types of film and video productions. He has also served in numerous production capacities for New World Pictures, United Artists, MGM, A&M Records, CBS, and Universal Pictures. He was the executive producer, editor, and post production supervisor for the Witchcraft series of feature films – the most successful direct-to-video film series ever produced. He has won numerous awards, including the Houston World Fest Gold Award for the best dramatic picture as the co-producer and editor of the feature film “Dreamrider” with James Earl Jones. Mr. Miller is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and was the head of the film and television department at the prestigious Harvard Westlake School in North Hollywood.

Associate Vice President, Acquisitions
Served since 1997

Mr. Hirsch has worked in the fields of film, television and live theatre for more than 25 years as a professional producer and director. As the Managing and Artistic Director of The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, California, he was responsible for nurturing new writers and producing and directing world premiere productions, resulting in dozens of award-winning hit plays including “Blockage,” “It’s Just Sex,” and “Don’t Hug Me,” all winners of the Best Original Production Award by the Los Angeles Valley Theatre League. One of Mr. Hirsch’s biggest hits, “Scorchers,” became the feature film starring Faye Dunaway, James Earl Jones and Emily Lloyd. Mr. Hirsch also designed, constructed, and managed The NoHo Actor’s Studio and The Limelight Playhouse in North Hollywood, which, along with The Whitefire Theatre, rank among the most successful small theatres in Los Angeles. As a film producer, Mr. Hirsch has several features to his credit that have been distributed in the video, cable and paid television, and foreign markets, including “The Road to Flin Flon,” a comedy starring Jamie Kennedy in his film debut that screened to rave reviews at film festivals in New York, New Haven, and New Orleans, and “Shattered Illusions,” a thriller starring Morgan Fairchild. In addition to his film credits, Mr. Hirsch has numerous production credits for programs at NBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and Dick Clark Productions. Mr. Hirsch has also served as a distribution sales executive with Omega Entertainment at several MIFED film markets in Milan, Italy, and the American Film Market in Los Angeles.

Associate Vice President, Industry Operations
Served since 2006

Prior to joining WWMPC, Mr. Caruana was a senior consultant for more than 15 years and served as President of Caruana Associates, a firm specializing in sales and marketing for various businesses, regularly working hands-on with multi-million dollar companies to develop strategies and sales to the Fortune 500. Originally from the Midwest, Mr. Caruana served as a key committee officer of the Detroit Economic Club, one of the top three executive business forums in the country. In addition to his business experience, Mr. Caruana has worked in creative capacities on both narrative features and documentaries, including the award winning “Breakfast in America,” which he produced. He was a Board Member of Detroit Area Film and Television and sat as a judge for several film festivals. He has been active in various professional organizations and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Michigan.

Associate Vice President, Public Relations
Served since 2007

Ms. Myers has been a journalist, news editor, and public relations professional in the film and television industry for more than 25 years. In addition to her decade of service to WWMPC, she has also been a west coast news editor/reporter/feature writer for a national consumer publication covering both daytime and primetime entertainment since 1997. She has created and maintained publication schedules based on the content of individual features written by her and other senior staff editors for national news outlets. As a senior reporter, she has worked in conjunction with talent representation to conduct thousands of feature interviews with a wide variety of film and television personalities and has contributed to the establishment of artists’ public personas. Additionally, she has built relationships with publicists at nearly every media network by performing interviews with show producers, directors, writers and the stars of top-rated primetime programs. Ms. Myers has provided a wide range of editorial public relations expertise to the company’s officially issued press releases and electronic press kits for corporate activity and individual productions. Additionally, she performs freelance editing of doctoral candidates’ theses. Previously, she worked in the environmental field as technical document editor for an engineering firm and as an associate editor for two national environmental publications.

Associate Vice President, Finance
Served since 2009

Mr. Gunning’s business and finance background encompasses more than thirty years of participation in national and international organizations and has most recently functioned in the capacity of Financial Specialist in the real estate and commercial banking industries. His management association has included international institutions such as Barklays Bank in London, England, and domestically City National Real Estate in Los Angeles and Meridian Financial Services of Orange County. He has also held positions with major conglomerates such as TransAmerica Global, Lyncole XIT Grounding and Ameriquest Financial. Prior to his financial positions, Mr. Gunning served as a correspondent for the Irish News and Entertainment publication. He is a member of several professional and philanthropic organizations including the California Writers of Long Beach, the National Association of Realtors, and People for Others – Chairman, Outreach Department. He maintains academic certifications with a Distinction in Accountancy from the Chartered Institute of Bankers (London) and an overall Distinction in Business.

Associate Vice President, Finance
Served since 1987

Mr. Maghini was most recently Vice President with Eden Financial Group, a Wall Street investment banking firm providing wholesale financial products to associate brokerage firms around the country, as well as a Managing Partner and Vice President with Famco, Inc., a real estate holding company in New York City. Mr. Maghini’s well-established financial experience, including his executive association for investment with the Putnam’s Golden Scale Council, and his membership in the Million Dollar Round Table Club, compliment his past investment management and development training with Paine Webber. Prior to Paine Webber, he held an investment executive position with Thomson McKinnon Securities. Mr. Maghini has helped develop the investment banking division of a major New York financial firm and has also managed a variety of many diverse institutional and private investment portfolios. He is a graduate of Southern Connecticut University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Economics.