Los Angeles, CA, September 07, 2016  – World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (formerly OTCBB: WWMO), distributors of the new specialty feature film, Time For A Champion, and Community Matters (www.community-matters.org) of Santa Rosa, CA, have formed an alliance to create an extensive array of educational materials to reduce bullying and cyber-bullying by encouraging a culture of tolerance and inclusion among our youth. This partnership is tied to the forthcoming release of Time For A Champion, which depicts the impact of bullying on a Latina high school student.

“World Wide is pleased to extend a hand in extinguishing the alarmingly violent and traumatic practice of bullying among middle and high school students. The company is hopeful that its collaboration with Community Matters will be a powerful catalyst to help reduce what has become an international and destructive epidemic,” stated Paul D. Hancock, president and CEO of World Wide.

In citing the movie and the alliance with World Wide, William Grace Frost, Director of Strategic Relations of Community Matters, said that “Time For A Champion is a great film for us to be associated with, because it portrays a real-life story about bullies, targets and bystanders; and we know that in order to put an end to this bullying and cyber-bullying virus wreaking havoc in our schools, that first and foremost, we need people to understand its magnitude, and the social, emotional and academic damage it does to our children. The movie will serve to heighten that awareness; then it’s our job to equip and empower the bystanders to find the confidence and competence to intervene when they see these incidents of meanness and indifference occurring.”

This movie was produced by PSJA Southwest Film Society, a production company headquartered at PSJA Southwest Early College High School in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District (PSJA ISD) in South Texas. The inspirational story portrays the efforts of a homeless Latina girl to overcome a background of neglect and poverty. Enrolled in high school by her new adoptive parents, she must then confront bullying in the classroom and on the athletic field. The screenplay was written by Barry Glasser, a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Together he and former Univision executive, Sarvelio Carreon, produced and directed the film, which was staffed by more than 80 PSJA ISD students and faculty.

“We’ll be collaborating with Community Matters to mount an aggressive program of screenings and media appearances designed to provoke thoughtful, comprehensive discussions amongst families, educators, and religious and civic leaders in a concerted effort to prevent bullying,” Hancock noted.

In the wake of the tragic Columbine High school shootings in 1999, Rick Phillips became determined to “do something” about the growing degree of school violence. He started by creating Community Matters, a nonprofit organization, which in the ensuing years, has become a national leader in school climate improvement and the prevention of bullying and other school related violence. The organization’s mission is “to collaborate with schools and communities in creating safe and inclusive environments where all youth and adults thrive.”

Community Matters supports school safety and positive school climate by helping districts develop school climate improvement plans, empower students, train staff and engage families and the community. Their flagship Safe School Ambassadors® program wakes up the courage of socially-influential students and adults and trains them to speak up and intervene in bullying- and cyber bullying-related incidents. Since its inception, this NREPP-listed, evidence-based program has equipped over 70,000 4-12th grade students in 1600 schools in 36 states, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico with the communication skills to prevent and stop emotional and physical bullying and improve school climate.

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