Founded in 1977, World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation is a diversified company, primarily engaged in the development, packaging, production, acquisition and distribution of live action motion picture and television productions for theatrical exhibition, television broadcast and syndication and all other ancillary markets. The company’s productions and services are designed for global consumption, utilizing sales and marketing channels in territories throughout the world. World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation also serves as a consulting and advisory entity to the film and television industry in a variety of different areas. The company’s executive leadership team has the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to deliver outstanding results for each and every one of its artistic and business community clients, partners and collaborators.

The company has an active Board of Directors; which currently consists of 16 members with staggered terms, all of whom are either chairperson or a member of one or more of the four Board designated committees which include Executive, Finance, Audit and Personnel. The company also maintains several operating committees including Production and Product Development, Special Projects, Minorities, and Standards. Founding professionals of the company include Academy Award winning and nominated producers and directors such as the legendary Otto Preminger.