Applause Synopsis

Recovering alcoholic stage actress, Thea Barfoed (Paprika Steen) has gone through turmoil. Having divorced her husband, Christian (Michael Falch), and relinquished custody of their two boys during her heavy drinking days, Thea wants to start over. As her past alcohol use and indiscretions still haunt her, the reality of a new beginning seems bleak. Thea uses her inner actress’s charm and manipulation to convince her ex-husband that she is fully recovered and capable of being a good mother to their children; however, she hasn’t completely convinced herself.

On stage, Thea plays the binge drinking, ostentatious Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Ironically, her stage character bears an uncanny resemblance to her personal life. As her alcoholism and past regrets hang in the balance, Thea must decide whether to confront her inner demons or to let the show go on.

Critics Quotes
“One of the best screen performances of the year” – Karen Durbin, The New York Times
Paprika Steen: One of the five Best Actresses who “should be” nominated for an Academy Award, as chosen by A.O. Scott, The New York Times
“An extraordinary performance by Paprika Steen” – Roger Ebert
“Deeply affecting…unflinchingly real.” – Betsy Sharkey, The Los Angeles Times
“[Steen] brings a thrilling emotional nakedness and…unsentimental honesty to the part.” – Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly
“A fearless, tour-de-force performance by star Paprika Steen” – Alissa Simon, Variety
“Taut and daring” – Andrew O’Hehir –, ‘Pick of the Week’
“It doesn’t get much more raw than Paprika Steen in ‘Applause’ – and in a more just universe, the film and her performance would be part of the Oscar discussion.” – Marshall Fine, The Huffington Post
“Paprika Steen gives her rawest, bravest performance yet” – Laura Kern, Film Comment
“Quite notable, particularly for its intense, stripped-down lead performance by Paprika Steen.” – Peter Knegt,
One of reviewer Neil Curry’s four films to watch. – CNN
“A terrific performance by Danish film star Paprika Steen.” – Dan Fainaru, Screen Daily
“Though utterly convincing as a renowned theater actress, it’s clear from her work in ‘Applause’ that Paprika Steen has a face for the camera [and] considerable on-screen magnetism…[A] journey [of] melancholy self-realization.” – Matthew Connolly, Slant
“This film is Steen’s in which to shine, and she doesn’t disappoint for a moment.” – Kim Voyner, Movie City News
“One of the best depictions of what an alcoholic really is like that I’ve ever seen in a movie…strongly recommended” – Henry Sheehan, Film Week – KPCC
“A tremendous performance.” Wade Major,
“Ms. Steen exhibits admirable range and credibility.” John DeWitte,
“Steen’s subtle calibrations of self-hatred and raging narcissism exhilarate.” Melissa Anderson Broward, Palm Beach New Times
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Bay Guardian
East Bay Express
The Stranger (Seattle)

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