Please let us know if you are interested in special screenings of the following feature films:

(Benefit Screening requests)

If you would like to hold a screening for the film WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER, THE LOVELY PATIENT, or TIME FOR A CHAMPION to specifically benefit one of the film’s supporting organizations, a percentage of the proceeds can go directly to that organization. Please contact us for further details at wwmpc [at] Please include the following information:

  •     Your name & contact information (e-mail and phone)
  •     Screening city
  •     Proposed screening date (if known) or general time frame
  •     Proposed venue (if known) and seating capacity
  •     Screening requirements for venue (BluRay, DVD, theatrical DCP, 35mm)

Private screening fees are determined on a per-screening basis and can include a flat fee and/or various revenue percentage “split” arrangements, depending upon the specifics of your screening requirements.

We are happy to provide confirmed screenings with a variety of marketing material, including:

  •     the film’s official trailer and/or preview clips
  •     lobby standees (blow-up of news article)
  •     lobby one-sheets (posters)
  •     flyer templates (8.5×11)
  •     photographic stills — cast, crew, production