World Wide Focuses on New Business Model

LOS ANGELES, CA — (February 23, 2011) — World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (World Wide) (formerly OTCBB:WWMO) announced plans today to continue focusing one arm of its marketing and distribution structure on high-quality international films like its 2011 release of APPLAUSE (Denmark). The award-winning picture, starring the critically acclaimed, Danish-American actress, Paprika Steen, was released on a limited platform basis in NY and LA and received rave reviews from a wide variety of national media. The rollout of the film will continue in cities throughout the US.

“The success of APPLAUSE indicates that there is a strong commercial market for this type of specialized product, and that a certain audience in the US is hungry for high-quality films such as this,” offers the company’s CEO, Paul Hancock.

World Wide’s added business focus as a boutique distributor of specialty international films will incorporate the long-standing company philosophy of cost-control and moderately budgeted campaigns. World Wide’s philosophy employs a culturally diverse team of management and staff, and implements both traditional and cutting-edge marketing activities to influence optimal revenue generation on each project.

“Foreign language films looking for distribution in North America are in good hands with World Wide because we know how to combine traditional advertising with extensive, online, viral marketing and other new media to specifically target these discriminating audiences,” Hancock further states. “The combination of daily efforts to build and maintain ‘buzz’ about a film through social media, as well as conducting in-person, grass-roots, outreach efforts strictly keyed to potential demographics, is our forte. We also have the ability and experience to mount full Oscar campaigns for films on a limited budget.”

World Wide is aggressively seeking similar product through various channels, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and film festivals around the world. The acquisitions team is currently reviewing a number of films presented at the recent Berlinale and encourages representatives of awards-caliber international films looking for North American distribution to contact the corporate offices.

Founded in 1977, World Wide is a diversified company with shareholders throughout the world and is primarily engaged in the development, packaging, production, acquisition and distribution of live-action motion picture and television productions for theatrical exhibition, television broadcast and syndication, and all other ancillary markets. The company’s productions and services are designed for global consumption, utilizing sales and marketing channels in territories throughout the world. World Wide also serves as a consulting and advisory entity to the film and television industry.

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